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Carolyn C

“Reinvent will blow your mind”

Reinvent will blow your mind and jump-start your heart. It’s truly impossible to capture all the benefits and nuances in a few sentences. Stop reading this and sign up. Then you’ll be writing about how it changed your life.

Amy F

“A true journey of self-discovery”

Reinvent will help you excavate patterns in your life you didn't know existed. The content goes far beyond discussions of behaviors and choices -- it's more about your life story's DNA, with tools for decoding its meanings. I was blown away to see how major turning points in my life followed an identifiable pattern. Now that I've made this discovery, I know it's in my hands to design where I go next. The synthesis of ideas, concepts, models, and exercises in Reinvent are sequenced to take you on a true journey of self-discovery. While that expression may be overused, in this case it just happens to be true. I can't recommend Reinvent strongly enough.

Bella L

“A truly transformational weekend”

I didn't know what to expect from the recent 3 day Reinvent program I attended other than that I knew it would be life-changing. I simply didn’t realize just how life-changing! The days were filled with juicy new information. It was fun, interesting and provocative. As an added bonus I met some amazing new people through the program. Each day segued seamlessly from the previous one, and by Sunday morning I was flying high. I deepened my self-knowledge exponentially, and implemented positive changes to ensure eminent success on every level.

Faruk G

“I know my superpower right now”

When I finish the reinvent Programm, it was like... the last key i need it to unlock many doors of Life.. many things change in my life, like the relationship with my wife, the relationship with my daughter, my work ethics changed dramatically, and how I take care to myself, I am in my peak state right now physically - mentally and emotionally.. Because I feel align with my super self!!

Rita H

“It is like rocket fuel for your business”

I had been stalled in my healing and coaching practice for 14 years. I didn't know how to Re-Invent my business during this unsettling time. I didn't know what to do next and was un-motivated. Joining the Re-Invent program is like rocket fuel for your business and next stage of your life. At it's core, it's a weekend of getting out of your own way. Not your typical 3 day workshop, Re-Invent gives you a powerfully transformational experience. I was blown away how well the program was crafted to look into every cranny and gently shift every participant into high gear in their new life. I was looking for my big vision and Eben and Annie and Re-Invent made it happen.

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